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Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology

The department of Oral Medicine & Radiology performs clinical diagnosis and radiodiagnosis of various diseases of the Oral and Paraoral structures. This department attends to an average of over 250 patients daily.

Our Vision is to train the students in the field of Oral Medicine and Radiology so as to ensure a high level of competence in both general and special area of interest in the specialty and prepare him/her for a career in specialty practice, research and teaching. In addition to acquiring diagnostic, research, clinical and didactic skills, emphasis is laid on patient management skills and applying high ethical standards.
  1. AERBV approved Radiology Unit.

  2. Performing clinical examination of the oral and paraoral structures

  3. Diagnosis of the lesions involving maxillofacial complex

  4. Identifying oral manifestations of systemic diseases

  5. Detection of oral potentially malignant disorders

  6. Management of medically compromised patients through a multidisciplinary approach

  7. Treatment of oral mucosal lesions

  8. Management of Orofacial Pain

  9. Management of TMDs

  1. Digital intraoral radiography unit (RVG with CCD) for bitewings, IOPA, Occlusal radiographs

  2. Conventional intraoral radiography unit for bitewings, IOPA, Occlusal radiographs, lateral oblique views, lateral nasal radiographs.

  3. Accreditation from Christian Medical College, Vellore.

  4. Extra-oral digital radiography unit for orthopantomography, cephalometric radiography, TMJ views and skull views

  5. Digital laser printer for extra-oral radiographs

  6. Medical radiography unit for conventional skull views, chest radiographs, lumbar, cervical spine and pelvic radiographs

  7. Sutomatic intraoral radiograph processor

  8. Well equipped dark room for processing of conventional radiographs

In addition to the above facilities, the department has facilities for sialography, sialometry procedures.The department also houses comprehensive collection of posters and charts.

Sree Anjaneya Institute Of Dental Sciences

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Sree Anjaneya Institute of Dental Sciences provides a stimulating and challenging intellectual environment at the forefront of oral health science. The College basically made up of people who aspire to make significant contributions to the health of the community.

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